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InterValue has been in operation since August 2017. During this period, the team has finished the project conception and whitepaper. What’s more, the v1.0 to v4.0 has been completed successfully. The team has devoted to promoting the underlying technology of the blockchain industry by completing the R&D roadmap. As the world's first million TPS practical blockchain 4.0 project, InterValue’s vision is to implement underlying protocols of value transmission network. At the same time, the original goal is to construct the global value Internet to provide basic infrastructure for DApps through innovation. There is no doubt that it can provide support for application development, and promote the practical application of blockchain technology.



About the Inaccurate news that "InterValue plagiarism ArcBlock’s whitepaper" on some media, InterValue solemnly declares:


1. The technology conceived in the InterValue’s white paper is self-developed and has applied for a patent (Patent Number: 201710082886.2   201810786247.9   201811026352.9   201811027989.X). InterValue’s technical indicators have also passed the Test-certification of the CTTL (Link: and the Test-report (Link:

2. InterValue has never launched ICO, and will never launch ICO.

The false news undermines the reputation of the InterValue team and the interests of community members and related partners who support the project. The InterValue team solemnly declares that the project is self-developed and there is no plagiarism. Please do not report and reprint the false news on the websites and the media, and it will damage the reputation of InterValue. We call on the media to stop reporting and deleting false news. The InterValue team will reserve the right to pursue legal liability.




InterValue team

December 28, 2018



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