InterValue’s Technology Partner Brings Three Major Products to" 2018 China Cyber Security & Intelligent Manufacturing Conference"



The highly anticipated "2018 China Cyber Security & Intelligent Manufacturing Conference" was officially opened On November 28, 2018. InterValue’s Technology Partner - Chenhan Information (the world's leading blockchain ecosystem service provider) showed three products. There are Mutual Trust's “blockchain+” solution, distributed storage solution, blockchain application and security solution. The exhibition surprised the audience and truly proved the power of the network. The development conveys the spirit of "network security • Hunan power".




It is reported that the Chenhan Information has achieved fruitful results in 2018. Its core product MT “blockchain+” solution has completed two technical indicators worldwide. The transaction speed reached one million TPS in August this year (results has passed the test and obtained by China Tyre Lab). Turing's complete smart contract on DAG technology has implemented in November. Chenhan Information has provided many enterprises with multi-industry and multi-scenario applications.




Barton Chao, the chairman of the company, gave a wonderful speech on the theme of “Practice of the blockchain infrastructure industry”. The content is from financial services, medical health, copyright,  education, internet of things, sharing economy, communication to social management, charity, culture and entertainment. Barton Chao listed the examples of blockchain technology in enterprise’s applications in detail. At the same time, he analyzed its advantages and disadvantages, and made a conclusion. Blockchain technology requires appropriate design. The speech won warm applause from the scene.





The exhibition will last for three days. Welcome everyone to join the conference in Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition focuses on the latest technologies, products and applications in the field of network security and intelligent manufacturing. Besides, it fully demonstrates the new generation of network security and new experiences. Today's opening summit brings domestic and foreign experts and scholars together. Advanced concepts, cutting-edge technologies provide an excellent platform for the blockchain field. Last but not least, it promotes the high-quality development of the intelligent manufacturing industry in the new era.


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