Blockchain + Fintech 丨 InterValue's Technical Cooperation Partner ChenHan Information Technology and Magcloud Technology Join Forces




On October 9, 2018, InterValue's technical partner, ChenHan Information Technology, officially signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with Magcloud Technology. Both sides will join forces and collaborate in blockchain strategy research, technical research and application development.




Magcloud Technology is a blockchain based fintech company. It was founded in 2015 by former senior vice president of Chinese e-Commerce giant Jingdong. Magcloud Technology received two consecutive rounds of financing for a total financing amount of over USD 40 million. In 2017, Tangquan Jinfu, the Magcloud incubation project, was awarded as the most “trusted blockchain” by the China Telecommunication Technology Laboratory. Since 2018, Magcloud has mostly focused on the association between blockchain and supply chain finance, and has released the Magcloud Don product. It is a revolutionary tool for leading enterprises in the supply chain industry. Magcloud Don enables to digitize upstream and downstream accounts of the industry thanks to blockchain technology. It also enables the issuance and exchange of digital assets. This product has been successfully implemented within many Fortune 500 companies.




This cooperation can be described as a strong alliance. In the future, both sides will use the complementary advantages of technology and talents to continuously carry out research and development of new technologies. They will gradually explore strategic research, technical research and application development in the blockchain field. In addition, they will work together to build a new ecosystem of blockchain technology and financial industry. The cooperation will also serve to promote the healthy development of the blockchain financial industry. Undoubtedly, it will help more blockchain projects to promote and join hands with many blockchain industry entrepreneurs to achieve excellence.



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