InterValue Project Weekly: 20181001-20181007


Part 1. Development Progress of InterValue.

1. Project Progress


(1) We discussed development scenarios of the node and sharding management deeply.

(2) We started the Eco-Building Division. The specific work is as follows: the development of the underlying smart contract; the creation of the InterValue Developer Center and the technical community; the DApp development technical guide; the Blockchain project plan and implementation; and the InterValue public chain governance.


2. Whitepaper


(1) Some regular details have been modified.

Part 2. Strategic Cooperation.

1. InterValue Signs Long-term Strategic Cooperation with HashStor, the Most Cost-effective Professional IPFS Mining Machine on the Market

On October 2, 2018, InterValue and HashStor, the most cost-effective professional IPFS mining machine, officially signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement. InterValue will provide HashStor with comprehensive support for blockchain distributed storage.



2. InterValue Officially Partners with BodyOne, the World's First Blockchain Fitness Ecosystem Project

On October 4, 2018, InterValue has entered into a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with BodyOne, the world's first blockchain fitness ecosystem project. According to the terms of this partnership, the 2 parties will jointly build a new ecosystem of blockchain-based fitness applications. 



3. We cooperated with several major exchanges and implemented the technical issues.

Part 3. Media Activities.

1. We issued the official article "InterValue's Smart Contract". It introduced the InterValue project and a number of media reprinted.

Part 4. The Historical Process of InterValue.

(1) In August 2017, Barton Chao envisioned the positioning, vision ,and functionality of InterValue.

(2) From September to October in 2017, InterValue created a team and refined the functions.

(3) In November 2017, InterValue created the R&D team, and began to write a white paper and a development plan.

(4) In January 2018, InterValue completed the first draft of the Chinese and English white papers.

(5) From February to March in 2018, InterValue completed Chinese and English white papers from InterValue 1.0 to 4.0.

(6) In April 2018, the InterValue v1.0 testnet was completed and put into practice.

(7) In May 2018, the development of the InterValue v2.0 testnet was launched.

(8) In June 2018, the InterValue v1.0 testnet wallet Demo was launched.

(9) In June 2018, the InterValue v2.0 HashNet consensus mechanism was verified.

(10) In June 2018, the InterValue v2.0 exceeded a million TPS.

(11) In June 2018, the InterValue 2.0 testnet launched the world’s first local full-node, light-node alpha test.

(12) In July 2018, InterValue launched its first bounty program.

(13) In August 2018, the InterValue 2.0 testnet was awarded the TPS performance testing report and testing certificate issued by China Telecommunication Technology Labs.

(14) In August 2018, InterValue's Chinese and English white papers are updated from 4.0 to 4.5.

(15) In August 2018, InterValue officially released the INVE ERC20 Token.

(16) In August 2018, InterValue team officially established the Xiangjiang Blockchain Research Institute.

(17) In August 2018, InterValue officially established Blockchain Security Division.

(18) In September 2018, InterValue officially got its INVE token listed on FCoin. 

(19) In September 2018, InterValue opens the bounty conversion.



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