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On September 21st, the InterValue project pursued its mission to connect and interact with quality projects in Singapore. InterValue's COO Scott Guo visited and the offices of Zilliqa project and OEX exchange and participated in the Brightening Cocktail Party hosted by BN Capital. 


Talks with Singapore's OEX Exchange


On September 21st, InterValue's COO Scott Guo and overseas operations manager Clement, together with BN Capital's management, visited the Singapore OEX exchange. OEX is one of the world's leading digital asset trading platforms. Headquartered in Singapore, OEX provides digital assets and derivatives trading services such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to users around the world, with high experience, high security, low threshold and low commission fees. "The advantages are well known in the industry." OEX' representative gave a very high evaluation of the InterValue project.





Communication with Zilliqa's CEO


On September 21st, InterValue's COO Scott Guo visited Billi Capital with Mr. Dong Xinshu, CEO of Zilliqa, and discussed and exchanged with his core team on the technical characteristics, marketing and community operations of their respective projects.






Join Brightening Cocktail Party


At 19:00 on September 21, InterValue COO Scott Guo and overseas operations manager Clement were invited to attend BN Capital's Brightening Cocktail Party. InterValue's overseas operations manager Clement gave a presentation on the theme of "InterValue: Building highly Scalable, Usable and Secure Next Generation Blockchain" and exchanged with the guests at the reception.



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