InterValue (INVE) Token Gest Listed on FCoin


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On September 26, 2018, InterValue, a project of the blockchain 4.0 era that supports over 1,000,000 TPS, officially got its INVE token listed on FCoin, one of the leading global digital asset trading platforms.


FCoin officially opened the INVE deposit on September 25 and plans to enable trading on September 26th, (GMT+8) 20:00. In addition, FCoin will launch two trading pairs for InterValue’s INVE/ETH & INVE/USDT, and set up a trading space dedicated to digital assets based on InterValue's ecosystem.




InterValue is one of the first projects of the blockchain 4.0 era, effectively supporting the deployment of large-scale applications. InterValue designed a double-layer Gossip DAG consensus mechanism with sharding named HashNet---HashNet consensus reached 280,000 TPS within one single shard during the tests and over 1,000,000 TPS across the whole network. It is leading the global race for high TPS networks.


The 3 major improvements that InterValue brings to blockchain infrastructure can be summarized as follows: performance, usability, security.


(1) Performance: In terms of performance, InterValue designed a DAG consensus mechanism based on a double-layer architecture, sharding and Gossip protocol. It is named HashNet and has reached 280,000 TPS within one single shard during the tests and over 4 million TPS across the whole network. Layered architecture design enables such a high transaction throughput and practical application deployment based on blockchain technology. Sharding is an effective method to significantly improve performance. The DAG consensus mechanism based on Gossip protocol is the one that achieves the best- distributed consistency. It is based on the DAG data structure but also implements the last developments of technical research. 


(2) Usability: In terms of usability and application, InterValue boasts three main characteristics.

● Cross-chain communication and multi-chain fusion. By using other chains as external parts (just like a shard), assets and data are transferred between different chains.

● Multi-industry support layer, which provides common support functions for public chains and dApp development in various industries.

● Off-chain data access through smart. Overall, many dApps urgently need this function and this needs to be urgently implemented.


(3) Security: In terms of security, InterValue enjoys four main characteristics.

● Formal verification of smart contract code. It alleviates the vulnerabilities linked to current smart contract codes.

● The Quantum-proof encryption algorithm and hash function.

● Anonymous transactions based on zero-knowledge proof and ring signature.

● Anonymous P2P network communication between nodes.


The InterValue project team currently has more than 100 employees. Half of them hold masters and Ph.D. with an average age of 27. It is a vigorous and energetic team. The founders and core members of the project have carried out deep research in various technical aspects of blockchain technology, including distributed computing, P2P networks, distributed conformance, code verification, compilation principles, network security, cryptography, privacy protection, etc. The team has contributed to the development of nearly 20 blockchain related projects. In summary, the entire team has extensive experience in theoretical research, key technology research, core algorithm implementation, project engineering implementation, and delivery.


InterValue will officially launch its MainNet at the end of 2018. Currently, it is working to promote cross-chain operations and DAG-based smart contracts in accordance with the established roadmap. The overall R&D is progressing smoothly and the team is also working on more dApp developments and ecosystem construction. InterValue aims to provide a practical, high-performance, high-security public chain for the blockchain industry. 



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