Follow-up Report of CDAD Conference in Vietnam | InterValue Visits Several Major Media in Vietnam to Discuss Cooperation Intention


The CDAD conference in Vietnam has been a great success. As a special guest of the conference, InterValue exchanged and interacted with representatives of the Vietnamese government and experts from other countries.


On the second day of the conference, InterValue’s COO, Scott Guo, gave an interview to BigCoin, a regional blockchain media in Vietnam. InterValue introduced its technical characteristics and future development plan.


InterValue is an ecosystem that draws on the benefits of the existing Blockchain 3.0 project. In terms of performance, InterValue designed a double-layer and sharding Gossip DAG consensus mechanism named HashNet---HashNet consensus reached 280,000 TPS within one single shard during the tests and the whole network exceeded 4 million TPS. In terms of usability and application, it promotes cross-chain communication, multi-chain convergence, industry development, and smart contract through off-chain data access. In terms of security, InterValue offers formal verification of smart contract code, anti-quantum attack encryption algorithm and hash function. In addition, it features anonymous transactions based on zero-knowledge proof and ring signature, and P2P network node communication anonymity. InterValue solves the problems of the existing blockchain infrastructure and builds a more prosperous application ecosystem by improving the underlying technology performance and providing support for industry applications.




The major media have shown strong interest in the application of InterValue and the project has been praised for its focus on practicality. In the afternoon, Scott Guo communicated with the relevant person in charge of FPT Group, the largest electronic information technology company in Vietnam, and visited the company.







Through exchanges and negotiations with the management of FPT Group, InterValue has a deeper understanding of the Vietnamese market. Thus, InterValue will rely on superior resources to strengthen the community building in Vietnam, and build an alliance with the Vietnamese government, enterprises ,and media.





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